'Insects' series images and descriptions

by Bé van der Heide

'Blue Insect', 1997, Acrylic paint, charcoal and coffee grinds on canvas

60 x 50 inches / 152 x 127 cm

Price: £ 2750

'Bumble Bee', 1997, acrylic paint-charcoal and coffee grinds on canvas.

60 x 70 inches / 152 x 178 cm


'Wasp' image

'Wasp', 1997, acrylic paint, charcoal and coffee grounds on canvas.

60 x 50 inches / 152 x127 cm

Price: £2,750


'Dragon Fly from the Lage Vuursche', 1997, acrylic paint, charcoal and coffee grounds on canvas.

68 x 84 inches / 173 x 213 cm



'Moth seen from above', 1998, acrylic paint-coffee grounds-charcoal on canvas.

60 by 70 inches / 152 by 178 cm

Sold to the Dutch Embassy in London; a similar painting 'Moth seen from below' also sold.

The Insects series was exhibited at the Morley Gallery in London in 1998

What Bé told the press says about the Insects series:

The South London Press, Feb '98:

It started when the artist came across a dead seagull on a South coast beach and took it back to her studio to make a drawing.  Bé, it's short for Elisabetha, says: "Dead birds appeared on my path and everywhere I looked were these dead birds. And then all these bees started dropping dead - I heard after it was a very bad year for bees. It's not a morbid interest at all - when you draw them, they seem to become alive."

 Her drawings developed into huge canvasses.

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