van der Heide

                          Visual Artist/Painter



                              Galleries of Paintings in series


2013/14:   ‘Decomposed food and extraneous growth’

2011/12:   ‘Clearing out the Attic’

2010/11:   'Fire and Smoke'; the various wars looking the same over time.

2010:        'Time'; paintings related to the ephemeral qualities of objects.

2008/9:     ‘Collapse’; paintings inspired by destroyed cities after war.

2007/8:     ‘Dance of the Transient Forms’; paintings of forgotten, disused

                                                  and broken objects.

2005/6:    'My ‘Real Family’; paintings of family.

2000/4:    'Enfant terrible', paintings about childhood memories.

1999:       'Webs', paintings inspired by spider webs.

1997/8:    'Insects', paintings and drawings of insects.

1997/8:    'Adam and Eve', large drawings on paper.

1996/7:    'Reading the dregs', paintings using forms from coffee cup dregs.

1993/4:    'Owoo's', paintings based on sacred mounds found in Outer Mongolia.

1992:       'Tunnels', paintings inspired by highway tunnels in Italy.

1990/1:    'LycianTombs', works inspired by archeological sites in Southern Turkey.


For portraits and earlier work contact the artist.

van der Heide works most of the time in series. She travels, observes, photographs, sketches and then uses the images in her studio to transform them. Sometimes she uses photographic images, as in the ‘Enfant Terrible’ series. When the theme exhausts itself, she travels again, sometimes just to the park, to get the inspiration for a new series.

         What people say about van der Heide:

Sculptor Sir Anthony Caro:

"I collect her work, because I love it".



Art Critic Sister Wendy Beckett of TV fame:

"We are rather short in our age of major painters, though they are there for the finding. The Morley Gallery found one, and they are to be warmly congratulated"



The NY art critic Clem Greenberg at a Triangle workshop in New York State:

"If you paint like that, you are a damn good artist"


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